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If you are looking to revamp your flooring, hardwood floors are a classic choice. Hardwood is one of the oldest flooring options, yet it continues to be extremely sought out. With proper care, these floors can last up to 100 years! They’re natural and durable– definitely worth the investment. At Dallas Flooring Warehouse, we offer top-tier brand selections, such as Mohawk, Shaw, Abbey, and more. We have a wide variety of wood types and stains to complement your home. To keep our products affordable, we offer wholesale direct pricing. But that’s not all. We also offer power-buy specials so you’ll always get a bargain. Dallas  ensure that you will walk out with huge savings and high-quality hardwood flooring.

The Benefits of Hardwood Floors

A hardwood floor is easy to maintain. You can clean any dirt or debris with a broom, a mop, or a vacuum. Hardwood is stain resistant, and spills can easily be wiped up. Although these floors can be scratched or dented, it’s very hard to do any great damage that impacts the durability. If taken care of, these floors can last a lifetime. Hardwood floors can also improve the air quality in your home. This is because hardwood floors don’t trap dust, animal dander, or other common allergens. Hardwood floors will also continue to look beautiful and vibrant years after installation. With proper maintenance, the benefits of hardwood floors are endless.

There are two main types of hardwood floors: traditional solid hardwood and engineered hardwood. Traditional hardwood is made of solid wood boards, while the engineered hardwood mimics the real thing. However, engineered hardwood is enhanced to be more water-resistant and is slightly less expensive. They are both wonderful options that serve different purposes.

Traditional Solid hardwood

These floors are usually made out of wood from Oak, Maple, or Walnut trees. The floorboards are more narrow than engineered hardwood, but are consistently thick throughout. They are extremely durable because they can handle being sanded and refinished whenever it’s needed. These floors increase the value of your home, and are highly sought after by homeowners.

Unfortunately, traditional solid hardwood isn’t very water-resistant. That’s why you shouldn’t put this flooring in bathrooms or basements. The moisture, as well as high humidity, can cause a cupped depression along the center of your floorboards. However, these floors do hold up well against small spills, and can be used in just about any other room in the house. 

Engineered Hardwood

These hardwood floors help prevent warping and cupping in high-moisture areas. Engineered hardwood can be installed in bathrooms and basements, or anywhere that is exposed to humidity and water. The floor is constructed using multiple layers of wood, and the layers are all placed in different directions to prevent distortions from moisture. Engineered hardwood comes pre-finished, although it can be sanded down and refinished a couple of times in the future. The longevity doesn’t surpass traditional solid hardwood, but it is less expensive.

Dallas Flooring Warehouse: The Best Flooring Solutions in Town

If you are looking to install new hardwood flooring, Dallas Flooring Warehouse has a wide selection. Our wholesale direct pricing makes any flooring idea affordable and possible. We are a family-oriented business that is staffed with knowledgeable and friendly flooring experts. Our main priority is customer satisfaction, and we will do everything in our power to help. Get in touch with us today, to learn more about our top-tier hardwood flooring solutions and power-buy specials.

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