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Luxury Vinyl​ FAQs

Quickly find the answers to your flooring questions.

Luxury vinyl tile and Luxury vinyl plank. It is made to look like wood and stone, but without the maintenance.

Luxury vinyl is extremely durable and water resistant.

It is best to check with the manufactures recommendation for this.

Most of the time, yes it can. Please contact one of our experienced associates to determine if your floor can be installed over.

The installation of LVP involves first assessing and preparing the subfloor. Once ready, an underlayment is laid down if the LVP doesn’t come with one attached. The LVP planks are then installed, using either click-lock or glue-down methods, and the process is finished with transition strips or moldings for a polished look

 Start by clearing the room of all items. Any existing flooring should be removed to ensure proper adhesion. The subfloor should then be cleaned thoroughly and leveled. In some cases, especially with concrete subfloors, a moisture test might be necessary to ensure optimal conditions.

Beneath LVP, you’ll often find an underlayment. This acts as a moisture barrier, helps reduce sound, and provides cushioning. However, it’s worth nothing that some LVP producers come with pre-attached underlayment, eliminating the need for a separate one.

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