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Vinyl Plank Flooring – Practical Alternative to Hardwood Floors

Vinyl Plank Flooring – Practical Alternative to Hardwood Floors

Hardwood flooring could be very costly especially if you are totally replacing the floor of your home or choosing it for new construction.

If you prefer the texture and the design of hardwood without the high cost, vinyl plank flooring is a good alternative. If you think that vinyl planks are inferior, there is a high chance that you failed to see the latest types of vinyl that are becoming very popular over the years.

Wood design in vinyl imitates wood very well. It can also provide the same durability. There are numerous benefits in using this type of flooring, and this post will focus on these advantages.

We have already mentioned the advantage when it comes to the price difference between vinyl planks and genuine wood floors, so you might already realized that it is a practical solution to hardwood. Other advantages of vinyl planks include: easy and fast installation, easy maintenance and care, wide options for colors and wood grain, and warmer textures compared to engineered hardwood flooring.

Not similar to laminate flooring and linoleum, vinyl planks do require you to totally detach the old flooring before you can install them. So long as the surface of the original floor is fine, the vinyl planks could be easily installed using simple adhesives.

It is ideal to search around when you are looking for vinyl planks since there are several providers of this amazing type of floor material. You may need to consider each brand according to your preferences, needs and budget restrictions.

You also need to consider the grade of wood texture that you prefer. This could be determined by the level of high traffic that your wood plank will get. For example, if you are using this floor for your kitchen, it is recommended to choose durable vinyl planks that are also highly resistant to water and moisture.

The two common grade options are AC4 and AC5 vinyl, and if you prefer a commercial grade, you can consider AC3 grade since it is strong enough for residential use. This grade is durable enough even for people who are living with their pets. Any room that has high foot traffic daily, from kids to regular customers, must be installed with vinyl planks.

Once you are ready to buy new floor materials, consider brand that have gained outstanding reputation in the industry. More often than not, these planks from trusted providers usually offer the best price and high quality. Don’t buy vinyl planks considering the price alone.

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