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Things to Remember When Buying Laminate Flooring

A lot of homeowners will choose engineered hardwood flooring in a flooring shop anytime, if they do have the money to shoulder the hefty price tag and the costly maintenance. The option that these homeowners have in order for them to achieve the same wooden floor effect in their homes is to purchase wood laminate flooringinstead. If you are looking to buy laminate flooring, here are some considerations that you need to keep in mind when you shop.

Avoid the Hollow Sound

Many people who have been used to the sound of real wood under their shoes tend to complain about the hollow sound they hear when they walk over laminate floors. To avoid this, choose to buy quality laminate floor planks that come with cork or foam underlayment. These underlayings reduces the unwanted hollow sound that reminds you that you are not walking over real hardwood flooring.

Consider Warranties

Top laminate flooring manufacturers do offer long-term warranties for their products. Make sure that you buy only those that come with this incentive, as this guarantees that you are buying good quality flooring that can stay on your floor for years.

Something Against the Slips

While laminate floors are normally resistant to bacteria and molds, they are targets to one common complaint, which is being slippery when wet. The wear layer, or the thin plastic-like covering on the top part of this flooring causes this, and when the floor gets wet due to moisture or spills, friction is reduced and causes accidents like slipping. To avoid this, look for laminate floor materials that have anti-slip wear layer to minimize sliding due to reduced friction.

Some also resolve to adhering carpets to the laminate flooring to eliminate slipping. If you decide to follow suit, make sure that you also purchase quality gripper to avoid wrinkles or rips in the carpet. However, if you decide to go back to laminate floors, you might want to consider other alternatives to prevent the carpet from moving to avoid damaging the laminate floor. Consider felt carpet that you can spray down on wood laminate flooring over plush carpeting.

Consider Getting Professional Help

While laminate flooring is essentially easy to install in any room, there are certain problems in installation that are not easy to remedy without professional help. One of these installation problems is called peaking, or the inability of flooring to stay connected in corners of the room.

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