Things that Make Berber Carpeting Stand Out

Carpets are popular both then and now. Found in different styles and compositions, each type of carpeting is designed for particular purposes and occasions. Historically, one of the best carpets around is those classified under the umbrella of Berber carpeting. These carpets, constructed using the traditional style developed by the Berbers of North Africa, are being used in both home and commercial applications. What makes this form of carpeting stand out from the rest?

  1. Style- Simply put, these carpets are timeless. Being used in different settings, they can be found in different types of colors and shades. Because they are available in different kinds of colors, it’s not all that hard to envision these carpets blending into different types of flooring, ranging from wood flooringto laminate flooring. For those who want elaborate carpet designs, Berber carpets made using the traditional way possess even more elaborate patterns.
  2. Price- One thing that make these carpets a popular choice for a lot of people is its price. This is especially so if you purchase those produced using modern processes. But even if you want to get a traditional one, you’ll get it at prices much lower compared to other carpet styles such as Frieze carpeting. This is mainly due to the cost-effective construction of these carpets.
  3. Durability- It’s no joke when you hear claims that Berber carpeting are made to last. Thanks to its unique looped pile fabrication, these carpets possess serious durability. It’s very effective in hiding both dirt and stains, and it can stand up to the everyday abuse being subjected to home carpets. This is mainly because Berbers have constructed these carpets in such a way that it can withstand rugged use.
  4. Maintenance- Mainly because of its unique structure, it requires less maintenance compared to other carpets such as plush carpeting. Maintaining these carpets is as easy as giving it regular sweeping and vacuuming to eliminate dust buildup. While it can resist stains well, it is very important to clean up the carpet immediately in the event that it does get stained. Professional cleaning services is recommended once a year.
  5. Availability- Because of its strong features, it is relatively easy to find Berber carpeting. Both traditional and modern carpet makers have incorporated the production techniques developed by the Berbers. And as a result, more of these carpets are making it to stores. With an abundance of options, one can find the carpet that best complements their needs.