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The Pros and Cons of Hand scraped Hardwood Flooring

Many would tell you that hand scraped hardwood flooring is definitely the top choice if you want a rustic but sophisticated look for your home. Rustic because of the fact that it looks natural with the imperfections it has on the surface. Waves, shallow grooves and even minute holes add to the beauty of this particular type of wood flooring. Another benefit would be the fact that it could easily camouflage any scratches, scuff marks and even dents that your flooring might get due to foot traffic. For fixing these minor problems, all you really need is a bit of stain and finish which should come with repair kits readily available everywhere. It only takes an hour or so to fix these problems and you need not spend a whole lot as well. Isn’t that fantastic? After all, who can afford to replace their flooring each time it get damaged?

With all the good comes certain downsides as well. One of which would be the fact that refinishing this type of wood floor isn’t exactly easy to do. This can become an issue if you wish to change the current color, if you want to fix the existing finish which has begun to lift (this can happen every now and then), if your floor gets water damaged as well as warped. Refinishing would require that your entire floor be sanded down and hand scraped once more. Quite a lot of work, right? It can also cost you quite a bit of money especially since it needs to be hand scraped a second time.

Another common issue that some people have would be cleaning. The thing is that this floor has a tendency to collect dirt and dust within its grooves. The cleaner that you use can also get stuck in these grooves thus forming a build up which can be difficult to remove. However, don’t let that discourage you from choosing this type of hardwood flooring since there are certain easy to do solutions for that issue. There are cleaners specifically made for this type of floor which doesn’t form any build up. Alternatively, you can also go with a homemade solution of water and vinegar which is also good for disinfecting the wood itself.

So there you have it, a few basic things when it comes to hand scraped flooring and how you can maintain it without much hassle.

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