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The Durability of Vinyl Plank Flooring

Whenever you need to make a decision such as choosing a type of flooringfor your home, it is crucial that you ask several crucial questions to get all the facts you need. Bear in mind that you can only make a sound decision when all the information about a product along with other substitutes are available.

In choosing a floor material for your home, it is crucial to first know about all the varied types of floor materials that you can use. Fortunately, the market today is filled with varied options such as vinyl plank floorings, tiles, carpets, hardwood flooringand many more. Every product has been enhanced according to the varied preferences and need of people living in different types of homes.

When it comes to choosing a floor material, whether for commercial or domestic use, you must consider two main kinds of floor materials. One is vinyl plank flooringand the other is wood flooring. There are numerous kinds of floor materials such as laminate flooringand plush carpeting. Carpets are basically ideal for hotels and mansions, but most people choose these materials to maintain warmth during cold season. Cleaning and caring for carpets are often difficult. Although you can buy stain resistant carpet, they are often expensive.

Also, they are not very durable.

Vinyl flooring has evolved from the development of Linoleum flooring, which is often made from recycled materials including solidified linseed oil, compressed cork dust combined with calcium carbonate and other similar compounds.

Vinyl planks were further enhanced by creating materials with polyvinyl chloride that shows similar attributes similar to linoleum such as flexibility, brightness, durability. However, vinyl is less flammable compared to linoleum. The main fact that this type of floor material is fire resistant and non allergenic compared to linoleum, it is now used in laboratories, hospitals, clinics and other healthcare facilities.

There are numerous designs of vinyl flooring and most of them imitate the aesthetic beauty of wooden planks. You can easily install them and several types are also available with self-adhesive. Vinyl planks are easily maintained using vacuum cleaner or a wet mop. Vinyl also has a soft feel and helps preserve the coolness or warmth in the room.

Vinyl planks are also more affordable compared to genuine wood floor. Their product attributes make them a good substitute to other floor materials and ideal for easy home renovation. With proper maintenance and care, they can last up to five to ten years.

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