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oakanise LVP

La Costa Waterproof Resilient Flooring LVP

La Costa by Revolution Mills Luxury Vinyl Plank
  • Special Price $1.90 sf
  • 3 Fashion Colors in Stock: oak anise, intrigue, and driftwood
  • 12 mil ...
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Norway Tile

Norway Tile Durabody® Glazed Ceramic Floor Tile & Duratec™ Glazed Porcelain Floor Tile The rustic wood-look Norway+ series is offered in four natural wood ...
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SAW MILL RED OAK hardwood flooring flooring sale

Saw Mill Red Oak Distressed Engineered Hardwood Flooring

  • SPECIAL PRICE $1.19 SF while supplies last
  • 21.36 ...
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Ruidoso Tile

Ruidoso Tile Durabody® Glazed Ceramic Floor Tile & Duratec™ Glazed Porcelain Floor Tile The rustic wood-look Ruidoso+ series is offered in four natural wood ...
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Crash Tile

Crash Tile by Happy FloorsSpecial Order!ColorsCrash BlancoCrash BeigeCrash Blue ...
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vinyl plank flooring

Wood Look Vinyl Plank Flooring 7in Wide DIY BLOWOUT SALE Oak Wood-Look LVP

Gluedown Vinyl Plank flooring with historic hardwood look and feel BLOWOUT SALE: 7" Wide SUMPTER OAK - "Gunstock"  $0.95/sf! With a look that comes ...
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vinyl plank floor dallas

12mil LVP Luxury Vinyl Plank Flooring Wood-Look COMMERCIAL GRADE Worlds Fair Barcelona

Luxury Vinyl Plank Flooring LVP Wood Look 12mil wood-look luxury vinyl plank flooring $0.95 /sf 12mil thickness at the 6mil price! Only $0.95 sf Worlds ...
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durabody ceramic tile

Durabody Ceramic Tile by Interceramic

Durabody tile by Interceramic THE CERAMIC THAT THINKS IT'S PORCELAIN Durabody ceramic tiles are made to last a lifetime, while looking like the day ...
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commercial carpet tile

Carpet Tiles | Carpet Squares Commercial Residential Dallas Flooring Warehouse

Carpet tiles a.k.a Carpet Squares are a great flooring solution with many uses from commercial and office spaces to homes and apartments. CARPET TILE ...
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Paint Stone Tile

Paint Stone TileSpecial Order!ColorsForestBeigeBrownWhite ...
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Union Square Tile

Union Square Tile Durabody® Glazed Ceramic Floor Tile An ode to the historic encaustic style, our Union Square collection features an array of ornate ...
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Shaw Floor Tile Special Cameo

  • Available in 2 Fashion Colors: AGATE and JASPER
  • size: 12 x 24
  • Save BIG on Cameo SHAW ...
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Commercial Carpet Tiles – Carpeting Squares by Mohawk BLOWOUT!

COMMERCIAL CARPET TILE / CARPETING SQUARES by MOHAWK FLOORING - blowout price $1.19 /sf Get commercial carpet tiles at blowout pricing while supplies last. ...
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SPC Flooring Special Buy Engineered Vinyl Plank $2.99sf While Supplies Last!

SPC EVP “Engineered Vinyl Plank” $2.99/sf was $3.79 This is a ONE-TIME Special Buy While Supplies Last! Dallas Flooring Warehouse Does it Again! Another ...
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Carpeting Padding – Carpet Pad as low as $0.17/sf

Carpet Padding as low as $0.17 /sf Quality carpet padding can reduce noise, insulate and make your carpet feel softer and last longer. will ...
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shaw floor tile

Vento Tile By Shaw – Ginger

Shaw Vento Floor Tile Stunning tile flooring at closeout pricing $1.29 /sf
  • Quality Shaw Flooring Tile - blowout price
  • Color: Ginger
  • 12 inc ...
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Olympia Ceramic Tile by Shaw Wood Look Tile

Shaw flooring tile: Olympia
  • Quality flooring tile made by Shaw $1.29 /sf
  • Tile that looks like wood
  • limited to stock on hand
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Oasis Ceramic Tile by Shaw

Shaw flooring tile: Oasis
  • Quality ceramic flooring tile made by Shaw $1.05 /sf
  • Natural stone look
  • limited to stock on hand
Lovely ...
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timeless charm wood look vinyl

Timeless Charm Vinyl Plank Floors Carefree WATERPROOF

TIMELESS CHARM Vinyl Plank Flooring only $1.25 /sf Save big on this quality vinyl plank flooring closeout deal. Limited to stock on hand. WHILE ...
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vinyl plank flooring

Acacia Featherweight Vinyl Plank

Acacia Featherweight Vinyl Plank Flooring
  • Wood look vinyl plank floor $1.25 /sf
  • Style: Featherweight
  • Color Acacia 2008
  • 5 Year Residential Warranty
  • while supplies ...
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engineered hardwood flooring

Engineered Hardwood Flooring – White Oak Euro Look Wire Brush Finish

This ENGINEERED HARDWOOD FLOORING is STUNNING! $3.79sf! Engineered euro white oak wire brush finish! 7.5 inch wide planks. This is 100% FIRST QUALITY FLOORING ...
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Endura Plus

Endura Plus Top-selling style Endura Plus is perfect for those wanting a durable luxury vinyl floor with unrivaled value. Rich hues, combined with beveled ...
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hardwood flooring

Pre-Finished SOLID Hardwood Flooring Pre-Finished! 3/4″ Thick $3.99! Real Solid wood floors $3.99

You LOVE Real SOLID Hardwood Floors! NOW you can own them! Pre-Finished hardwood flooing was $6.99 now $3.99sf! Below Cost! One color only. U ...
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commercial carpet tile

Commercial Carpet Tile only $1.50sf Lifetime wear warranty Carpeting Squares

Commercial Carpet Tile and Carpeting Squares Deals at Dallas Flooring Warehouse Commercial Carpet Tile SPECIAL - Cash&Carry Materials only
  • ...
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engineered hardwood flooring

Hardwood Flooring $3.99 Marine-Grade 9 coats of Urethane! Engineered Wood Floors

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Acacia Hardwood Flooring 5 inch Wide – SPECIAL $3.99 was $5.99

Real Acacia Hardwood Flooring - Tremendous Savings Crazy MEGA-DEAL! Acacia Hardwood Floors - 3.99/sf  This is an amazing deal on a stunning hardwood floor ...
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hardwood flooring

Custom Solid Hardwood Flooring – Nail-Down Finished in Place

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Wood Floors– Buying Guide


What is it? This would be a plank of compressed fibreboard which is then covered with a photo image of stone, wood or tile. On top of that would be a protective overlay which protects the image from any form of damage.

Pros and Cons

  • It is very affordable and quite durable
  • Comes with a click-lock design which makes it easy to installation
  • There’s a wide variety of designs to choose from so you can find one that would suit your preferences easily
  • It doesn’t really look like the real thing
  • The joints do tend to wear down over time and surface damage is pretty difficult to fix often requiring replacement instead
  • Resell value isn’t the best

Engineered Hardwood Floors

What is it? Each floorboard is comprised of about three to four layers of wood which is glued together to create a plank which is about 14mm thick each. It would come with a real wood veneer that’s about 4mm in thickness on top. This means that you can actually sand this and treat it to help restore the wood’s original finish should it become worn out.

Pros and Cons:

  • Its construction makes it a lot more stable that your regular piece of solid wood. It is also less prone to certain changes which is often caused by a room’s temperature or humidity
  • It is found to be more attractive than laminate options. Besides that, it is also more affordable when compared to solid wood planks
  • There are very little negative aspects to this material besides the fact that it is a bit harder to installation
  • It is also more prone to certain damages when compared to laminate floors

Real Wood Flooring The Colony TX

hardwood flooring in flood

What is it? Each board is made out of a single piece of wood which is about 18-20 mm in thickness. It is also typically fitted using the tongue and groove design. One thing you must remember is that all types of real wood flooring would have a “hardness score” which helps indicate how easily it can be worn out, damaged or dented. The great thing about real wood, however, is the fact that it can be sanded to restore its former luster. There is a limit to it though and this is set by how deep the tongue is from the top of the board.

Pros and Cons:

  • Lends an air of sophistication to any space it is used in
  • Great resell value
  • Tends to swell in damp environments
  • Difficult to install
  • The most expensive option of the three types of wood floors

Frieze Carpeting Is Better than ‘70s Shag

The Colony Texas where most people who see Frieze (pronounce: free ZAY) carpets, they would often think that they are the better version of shag carpets of the ‘70s – a time when psychedelic colors are fashionable alongside bellbottom jeans, Volkswagen vans and afro hairstyles. For those who are too young to experience the nostalgia, it is worthwhile to know the shag carpet and its resemblance and difference with frieze carpet.

Frieze carpets are a bit different compared to your parent’s shag carpets. Primarily, the colors have been toned down and the length of the fibers has been shortened. When you clean the shag carpets, you need a rake, while in cleaning a frieze, you just need a vacuum. Frieze carpets nowadays are available in solid earth colors and speckled patterns. This is also a stain resistant carpet.

In the recent years, most home interior designers would use Frieze carpets in the basement instead of Berber carpeting. But today, many are using frieze in living rooms and private quarters. They are also installed in many condo spaces and high-end hotels and restaurants.

Basically, frieze is made from two fabrics – Nylon and PET. The latter is made from recycled plastic bottles, so naturally it is less expensive and entices people who want to use sustainable materials for their homes. Meanwhile, the former is more durable and softer. But regardless of the fabric, people are now developing their affinity with frieze carpets similar to their affinity with plush carpet.

Since frieze is not created with snuggly weaved fabric, you will notice that it is better to go with shorter fabric instead of longer fibers. In due time, the carpet will have a nicer appeal and will have high level of bouncing rate.

Knowing the basic things about frieze is crucial in buying new a floor in The Colony TX for your home. Frieze comes with a twisted yarn that allows it to preserve a permanent shape through a heat method. The main reason why frieze is very popular among homeowners and interior designers is credited to its high density level, which measures how soft or hard the carpet is. With frieze, the density level is at maximum level. Moreover, the density of the carpet represents how compact the fabric is, the lower the density the less compact it will be. This is crucial for the carpet to provide a softer feel.

If you want a more contemporary style for your home, Frieze carpet can be a good alternative for your next purchase of your flooring The Colony material.

Wood Laminate Floors The Colony. Are you looking to replace your current floors? Do you want something that mimics the appearance of real wood but without the hefty price tag? Well, if this is the case then you might want to look into getting wood laminate floors. There are many reasons why it serves as a great alternative to real hardwood flooring and we’re going to enumerate the pros as well as the cons in this article. Shall we get started?


Easy installation. Regardless of whether you’ve done it before or not, a person would be able to easily install it in a space sizing 300 square feet within one weekend. There are two types of laminate, however. The older types would require you to glue each of the pieces together whereas the new ones would have what is referred to as a “click-lock” design. Along with that, it is also used in combination with dry glue to make it more durable.

Durability. Unlike real wood which can actually suffer from dents, scuffs and scratches, laminate flooring is actually more resistant. It is also waterproof because of the “wear layer” which protects it from any potential damage. In fact, manufacturers offer a very generous 10+ year warranty on some of their products thus showing their pride and confidence in the durability of their flooring.

There are no bad pieces. Unlike real hardwood floors which would inevitably come with certain imperfections, there would be no defects when when it comes to laminate flooring simply because of the fact that they are machine made. If there are any defects spotted, that particular piece would be thrown out and recycled instead. Needless to say, you wouldn’t have to worry about getting a bad piece in your set.

Not real wood. Just that simple fact alone means a lot for many people. The only wood part would be it’s base but the whole thing isn’t. So if you’re concerned for the environment and would rather use synthetic materials then this would be a good alternative to look into.


Lower resale value. If you’re planning on selling your home then hardwood or engineered hardwood floors would be the better choice.

Non refinishable or sandable. This would be one of the biggest disadvantages that comes with using laminate flooring. Unlike real wood that you can sand and refinish once worn down, laminates would need to be completely replaced if they start showing signs of wear.