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Should you Use Laminate Flooring?

Laminate flooring is considered to one of the popular flooring products because of its versatility and price. This type of flooring allows one to have the appearance of stone or wood flooring to be used, without pay for a hefty price. On top of that, it is very easy to install compared to other types.

However, some homeowners hesitate in using laminate flooring, despite its practicality. In order for you to weigh whether you should buy this type of flooring or if you should check other options, here are some notes that will help you examine all the angles in making this material your home’s flooring.

Has Durable Surface

Compared to wood flooring, this type of flooringcan resist dents. The reason for this is that laminates have a “wear layer” that protects the photographic surface underneath, and this tough layer is impervious to most things that you can scratch it with such as chairs or your high heels. On top of this feature, certain laminate manufacturers offer decades of warranties for the wear layer.

No Worries about Bad Pieces

You may encounter while shopping for engineered hardwood flooring that there are some pieces that appears to be in bad shape. Some homeowners prefer to avoid the hassle of having to dig through piles to search for the good ones. When it comes to laminate material, this inconvenience is easily avoided, since the wood-like appearance is a photograph in actuality.

It is Not Real

Some homeowners, especially those who are thinking of selling their houses, avoid using wood laminate flooring because they would want real wood. Some appeal to practicality when it comes to flooring – houses that have laminate floors tend to have lower reselling value. If you are staging your house to sell it, you might want to use real wood for flooringinstead.


If you have purchased the earlier types of this flooring, you will notice that your floors have been very slippery. However, recent manufacturers have developed anti-slip wear layers.

Cannot be Refinished

The most common complaint against using this type of flooring is that once it gets heavily scratched, it cannot be refinished or sanded to fix it, like how you would on scratched hardwood flooring. Once wear layer is heavily damaged, you need to replace the flooring altogether. Some homeowners do not complain about it, since laminate flooring is relatively cheap and easy to install anyway.

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