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Redefine Your Home with Vinyl Plank Flooring

In renovating your home, there are numerous decisions to make such as choosing the flooring material. Before you decide on the kind of floor you want, it is crucial to look at the varied factors that will enhance or damage your interior design.

If you are renovating a part of your home that has high foot traffic and high exposure to water and moisture such as bath, kitchen or laundry room then hardwood flooring is not recommended. But what if you prefer wooden design for these particular rooms? Do you have other options or better alternatives? Certainly. While wood flooring is not ideal for these rooms, one alternative that you can use is vinyl plank flooring.

With vinyl planks, you can ensure durability and protection. Plus, they provide the distinctive design of wood including varied colors and grains. When most people first have a glimpse of vinyl planks, they usually consider them ordinary vinyl sheets. However, this is a major misconception.  With vinyl planks, you will realize that the design’s purpose is to imitate the wood floor with the same patterns and blank size of genuine wood. Also, when you choose vinyl wood laminate flooring, you can have varied options when it comes to color and texture.

In the past, when you need to redefine a room exposed to extreme conditions, the most usual option is to install marble, ceramic or stone tiles. Today, with numerous options such as vinyl planks, you can complement any wood floors with a surface that could represent the real thing. Along with fantastic wood like appearance and superior durability, vinyl materials are also very affordable. The prices for vinyl floor are basically lower compared to other options.

With low price, great flexibility and superior durability, we can say that wood vinyl is a cost effective option. Virtually, the only thing you need to consider is the installation process. It is good to know that vinyl planks can be easily installed easily as a DIY home project. Usually, you can install vinyl planks using a floating floor technique or a glued down technique. These processes are easy to do and they are still cheaper compared to other installation options. There are also vinyl planks that are self-adhesive.

Whether you are considering buying a brand new home or just renovating certain rooms in your home, you must consider vinyl planks. You can save time, money and effort when you choose this floor material.

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