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Are you looking for a flooring solution that resembles the elegance of a hardwood floor, but is lighter on the pockets? Laminate flooring is an excellent choice. It is strong, long-lasting, and scratch-resistant. At Dallas Flooring Warehouse, we have a wide array of laminate flooring products for blowout prices! Stop by our warehouse and see all that we have to offer for yourself. Our warehouse is jam-packed with durable, beautiful laminate tiles from top-tier brands.

Laminate Tile Flooring

If you’re located in the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex, don’t just take our word from it. Stop by one of our Dallas Flooring Warehouse locations to look at all of our tile flooring products yourself. Our expert flooring specialists would love the opportunity to tell you more about our hand-scraped laminate floors and help you get a deal. 

Hand-scraped Laminate

This laminate flooring can look just like hand-scraped hardwood, but it’s much more affordable. It’s also known for its easy installation. You can have the look of solid wood in your home, without the additional help of installers. It’s an easy DIY project, if you’re looking to save money on installation costs. Hand-scraped laminate flooring provides the unique feature of a floor treated by hand, and creates a visual flare to your home.


Laminate flooring is fairly easy to maintain. The days of buffering, waxing, and vigorous mopping are over. All you’ll need to do is lightly vacuum or use a damp mop or fabric to clean away residue. Laminate floors are sensitive, so provide proper attention and care when treating. Only use cleaners that are intended for this type of flooring. Excessive water, cleaning solutions, or other liquids can damage laminate flooring. Avoid using steel wool or scouring powders. These can scratch the surface and dull its appearance. As for spills, clean them immediately to avoid stains. With all of this in mind, you’ll keep your laminate flooring looking brand new.

Hypoallergenic and Mold Prevention

Similar to classic wood, laminate flooring doesn’t trap dust, animal dander, or other common allergens. This is perfect for anyone dealing with mild or severe allergies. On a different note, laminate flooring isn’t recommended for areas that experience a lot of water contact, such as bathrooms and laundry rooms. However, the underlayment of the flooring provides a moisture barrier that helps prevent mold from forming.


Laminate flooring is scratch-resistant, strong, and highly durable. It’s made out of pressed wood, so it resists scratches more than hardwood flooring. This ensures that its appearance doesn’t change as much over time. It’s a great flooring solution for high traffic areas. Big families, kids, and pets will not impact its strength, since it’s less susceptible to wear and tear. The color doesn’t fade due to its topcoat, so it can be placed in areas that experience direct sunlight, such as rooms with large windows.


Hardwood floors can be quite costly, especially when applying it to the entire house or business. However, laminate flooring offers the same classic look, with a smaller investment. Apart from that, Dallas Flooring Warehouse offers wholesale direct pricing on all of our flooring. This means that you can get the same quality materials as contractors and distributors do, for the same discounted prices. Nevertheless, our quality is top-tier and from the best brands in the industry, including Mohawk, Shaw, and Abbey.

Dallas Flooring Warehouse: Unmatched Service

Dallas Flooring Warehouse is more than happy to assist you in any flooring projects you have in mind. Our friendly, knowledgeable staff will help you find the most suitable laminate solutions for your home or business. And if you are looking for installers, our in-house experts have many years of experience under their belt. Get in touch with us today, so we can begin your flooring project together!

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