Pergo Extreme Resilient Vinyl Plank and Tile | Dent Resistant | 100% WATERPROOF | Hyper-Realistic Wood and Tile Look!

GO BOLD with Pergo Extreme! Beautiful and indestructible. Finally, a floor that can handle whatever lands on it… and look stunning at the same time! Dent proof, stain proof and beautiful. Pergo Extreme flooring comes in an extensive collection of authentic wood and stone looks…all of them impressively durable. Durable and dent-resistant. Kid and pet proof. Practically indestructible. Available in 5 styles: Tile Options, Wider Longer, Wood Enhanced, Wood Originals 7 inch, and Wood Originals 9 inch. Get PERGO EXTREME, the most durable and resilient LVP and LVP luxury vinyl flooring with incredibly hyper-realistic wood, stone and tile looks at Dallas Flooring Warehouse. TOTALLY WATERPROOF! ULTRA STRONG! LOOKS AMAZING!

  • Authentic wood and stone looks with deep textures
  • Extremely durable, dent-resistant
  • 100% waterproof, kid & pet proof warranty that’s worry-free for life

Available today ONLY at the Dallas Flooring Warehouse DALLAS location at 8717 Directors Row Dallas, TX 75247 – at other locations soon!


Why Go Pergo?

With Pergo, there are no compromises. Enjoy a wide variety of beautiful styles all designed to withstand whatever life drops, spills or splashes on it.



Pergo invented the laminate floor in 1977 and today we are a flooring company with leading market positions in Europe and North America. We develop and manufacture commercial grade flooring (laminate, wood and vinyl) of high quality and with unique and patented properties, for both home environments and public areas.


Pergo history goes back to 1977, when we revolutionized the (commercial) flooring industry by inventing the first laminate floor. The idea came from a brainstorming committee set up to suggest new applications for high-pressure laminate made by Perstorp, a leading Swedish chemical company. The idea became a product, evolved to a new division and eventually gave birth to a new company, Pergo.


To bring lasting beauty to indoor environments in combination with greater ease and a complete experience of quality.


All Pergo floors have superior wear, impact and scratch resistance to stand up to the stresses related with professional environments.


Pergo focuses on delivering great designs with superior customisation options.


Pergo floors are not only durable and great-looking, they are also easy to install and maintain.


Pergo’s aim is to be a trustworthy partner throughout your entire building process. Pergo is a brand you always can depend on.

The History of Pergo Flooring Materials

  • 1977 | Idea-77 committee at Perstorp invents concept of laminate flooring during a brainstorming session.
  • 1980 | First laminate flooring (Perstorp Golv GL80) sold in Sweden.
  • 1989 | Brand name “Pergo” (an acronym of Perstorp Golv) is chosen following a naming competition and introduced to the market.
  • 1991 | First manufacturer of laminate at Domotex.
  • 1992 | Launch of high-quality, commercial-grade product (Pergo Publiq).
  • 1994 | Pergo laminate flooring introduced in United States. Our accessories get the same quality laminate coating as the floors (protected by 15 patents).
  • 1995 | Pergo introduced in Asia. Technology invented for achieving unsurpassed scratch resistance (later marketed as TitanX).
  • 1996 | New flooring factory opened in Garner, North Carolina, US.
  • 2001 | Pergo invents patented click technology and introduces embossing effects on laminate surfaces.
  • 2010 | PerfectFold is introduced worldwide (protected by 100 patents).
  • 2013 | Pergo becomes a true multi-category brand by entering the wood flooring market as well as vinyl.


Pergo took its beginnings by inventing a brand new flooring category, the laminate floor. And we never left the drawing board. Whether it’s a new click system to speed up installation (PerfectFold™), an all-in-one multi purpose profile (Incizo®) or a protective surface layer (TitanX™ and TitanV™), we’re always on the lookout for the next development. Because we know that by moving forward is the only way to deliver the quality you expect from Pergo.

In 1977 Pergo revolutionized the flooring industry by inventing the first laminate floor. We keep on upscaling performances by adding unique techniques as our AquaSafe technology making the planks water resistant on the surface and even into the bevels. Moreover, the ‘Embossed in Register technique’ is bringing the design to a realistic look and feel, very close to original wood.

The unique click system makes installation up to 30% faster and offers 3 installation methods: drop down, angle and horizontal shift. The strong and stable locking makes floors with PerfectFold™ ideal for commercial applications.

A multilayer technology that includes protective layers of aluminium oxide particles, which provides superior resistance to wear, scratching and soiling. The special impact layers combined with a high quality core material TitanX™ also provides very high resistance for handling dropped objects and high heels.

Pergo invented the multi-purpose profile, an all-in-one solution called Incizo®, patented by its mother company Unilin. The application is multiple: end-moulding, T-moulding, stair nose moulding, carpet transition and hard surface reducer. The mouldings match the floor perfectly in colour and texture. The veneer surface is wear and scratch-resistant, whereas the core consists of HDF.

A well chosen floor can set the tone for a whole room. A classic, timeless floor allows tenants to set their own mark on the room, while a trendy floor can entice certain target groups. With Pergo you will find many different types of wood flooring, as well as laminate and vinyl flooring with a variety of natural-looking décor layers, colours and textures. Extensive experience in delivering top-performing flooring solutions makes Pergo the perfect long-term partner. Pergo flooring is quick and easy to lay thanks to our unique Perfect Fold 3.0™ click system. The stable locking mechanism reduces the risk of gaps or height differences and guarantees an even floor. Pergo’s innovative protective finishes give the floors excellent protection against dirt, dust, stains and wear and tear. This makes the floors hygienic and means cleaning is fast and effective. Different rooms have different functions and therefore require different types of flooring. Vinyl or laminate flooring is the most practical choice for rooms that are exposed to a lot of wear and tear, such as the hall or kitchen. Both types of flooring are extremely durable and resistant to wear and tear and moisture. A beautiful parquet floor is an excellent choice for living room and bedroom floors, which usually receive gentler treatment. Wood flooring gives the room a natural, warm feeling and is easily combined with most interior design styles. Flooring is the hardest working element of any retail environment. From helping provide the wow factor for new flagship stores and major shop refurbishments, to coping with the daily functional demands and extreme high sale season footfall. Retail flooring must be welcoming and allow designers the freedom to turn inspiration into reality. Harmonising with brand image, it can guide, entice, reassure and create a positive ambience to maximise sales potential. COMMERCIAL FLOORING APPLICATIONS: A commercial floor is a stage for real life, which means constant exposure to mechanical wear, abrasion, impact loads and ongoing stress. So for the beautiful to stay flawless, design has to meet durability. With Pergo, it all boils down to beautiful, practical commercial flooring with a long lifespan. Our many years of expertise and over 500 granted and pending patent applications make it possible to offer you commercial flooring solutions with extraordinary wear resistance. Pergo provides specific services and customized offers for architects, installers and contractors. You can trust Pergo to guide you in your project. Just like Pergo floors, Pergo aims to build a long-lasting partnership.