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Allen TX Flooring Store Near Me – Carpeting and Wood Floor Installation Service

Dallas Flooring Warehouse has merged with SH Flooring to give you even greater buying power along with top notch quality carpet and flooring installation services.


S&H Flooring is now Dallas Flooring Warehouse in Allen.

We are an official ABBEY FLOORING showroom – use our Abbey Flooring Visualizer here

We are a Shaw Flooring dealer – use the Shaw Flooring Visualizer here


Dallas Flooring Warehouse in Allen is a tile, carpet and flooring discount outlet chain serving the Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex with deep discounts on flooring materials including luxury vinyl plank flooring, LVP, LVT, wood look tile, marble tile, ceramic tile, stone tile, engineered hardwood floors, solid hardwood floors, hand scraped hardwood, laminate floors, carpeting, frieze, berber, plush carpets, natural stone, stone polymer composite floors, SPC, wood plastic composite floors, WPC, granite and all other flooring materials for residential flooring installation and carpet installation services. The Dallas Flooring Warehouse Allen, Texas store is located at Dallas Flooring Warehouse 111 S Central Expy #119, Allen, TX 75013. For more information about Dallas Flooring Warehouse in Allen call (214) 383-1144, visit their website or stop by their discount flooring and carpet outlet store in Allen, Texas.

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Your Local Carpeting and Flooring Professionals in Allen TX

carpeting installation allen txDallas Flooring Warehouse in Allen, TX is your “flooring store near me”.  Whether you are looking for a “carpet store near me”, new flooring installation or a big carpeting sale you have come to the right place.  We have a wide range of flooring solutions including laminate flooring, hardwood flooring, tile floors, wood floors, engineered hardwood, SPC stone polymer composite, WPC would polymer composite, LVP luxury vinyl plank, waterproof flooring and any other type of flooring you can imagine.  Our carpet selection is second to none delivering the best carpeting available at the lowest prices. We are an official Abbey showroom!  From Stainmaster carpet to Mohawk Flooring and Shaw Carpeting, Abby, ANSO, Beaulieu to our OEM house brand discount carpets which offer top quality at a fraction of the cost, Dallas Flooring Warehouse has the carpeting for your home. We install what we sell.  No lists of recommended installers we have our own install crews which means you get a real warranty.  If you’re purchasing and hiring an installer on the side realize that often manufactures warranty will not be honored in that case.  Trust the professionals that have been getting the job done for over 30 years Dallas Flooring Warehouse / SH Flooring. Discount flooring in Allen TX with professional service from new carpet installation to complete solid hardwood flooring and engineered wood floors your best flooring solution in Allen TX and surrounding is Dallas Flooring Warehouse and S&H Flooring.

Dallas flooring warehouse and SH flooring have partnered to bring you the biggest selection, the best pricing, the best professional installation and exemplary customer service throughout the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex and in Houston.

Remember new flooring installed in your home is an investment.  It increases the value of your home.  Quality matters and it matters a lot.  Choosing the right type of carpet or hard surface flooring will have a lasting impact on your home life for years to come.  It is worth considering all of the options available to get exactly what you want and the right fit for your budget and getting the most for your money on a top-quality product is what we specialize in. We install what we sell.  Our hardwood floor installers and carpet installers will get your flooring installed beautifully.  Whether you need a laminate floor installation, a complete house of carpet or hardwood flooring installed our professional team of installers will handle all of your flooring installation needs maintaining your full factory warranty.  Call us today and find out how we can help you get the floor of your dreams while saving you big on the cost. We are having a carpet sale! YES, our carpeting sales are going on now.  We can install carpet and flooring as soon as the next business day.  We know when you’re shopping for carpet or other flooring you don’t want to wait for that installation and we will get it done as quickly as possible with our trained team of professional flooring installers in Allen, TX.


Engineered Hardwood Flooring – The Advantages

What exactly is engineered hardwood flooring? It isn’t exactly a very commonly used material so it is understandable that a few people are not well aware of what it is. Basically, this flooring product is comprised of layer upon layer of laminated material. It’s base would be made out of plywood and topped with a veneer of hardwood which is then pre-finished with a urethane type seal thus making it very durable. It comes in strips which are then packaged in different boxes. Each of these strips would also have a tongue-and-groove located on each side so that it would lock with other strips firmly in place. This feature makes it easier to install and remove.

Besides that, what are the other advantages that a person can expect when it comes to using this type of flooring? Below you’ll find a quick overview. Read and familiarize yourself with it before making a decision.

  1. This type of hardwood flooring is actually a lot more affordable compared to a real one. In fact, the price is competitive enough that it is roughly about that of getting quality wall to wall carpeting. This is one of the major reasons as to why many individuals, as well as decorators, opt to use it.
  2. Ease of installation. Of course, this is also another important factor as there is some cost tied to installing new flooring. If you can do it yourself without worrying about messing up then that would be for the best. You’d be glad to know that engineered flooring comes pre-finished so all you really need to do is follow the simple process of putting things together. Given a day or two, you should be able to successful finishing flooring your home.
  3. Limited maintenance. Of course, if you’re always on the go then you would need something that’s low maintenance since you wouldn’t have enough time to really bother much with it. However, much like your average floor, this would still require a certain level of cleaning. The great thing about it would be the fact that clean up is a breeze. You need not spend so much time on it. Something simple like sweeping is often enough to do the job. Wax is certainly a no-no and mopping isn’t necessary.

So there you have it, just a few of the advantages that comes with using this type of wood flooring alternative.

Berber and Plush Carpeting

When it comes to choosing the right carpet for yourself, there are a few factors that you might want to consider before deciding on one. Of course, comfort is one of the major factors. The carpeting needs to feel good under one’s feet and should also be easy to clean. After all, maintenance is imperative to keeping a carpet looking good. Now, with that said, let’s take a closer look at two of the most popular choices for residential flooring. These would be berber carpeting,frieze carpeting and plush carpeting.

What’s the difference?

Berber Carpet – This variety is well known for its rich appearance and is actually one of the most popular choices for many homeowners. In terms of fiber tufts, they tend to be looped and perfectly aligned thus lending the carpet itself an even and harmonious texture. You can, of course, choose between smaller loops and larger ones depending on your preferences and needs. There’s a particular “cut” which is commonly referred to as “California Berber” which has its loops cuts. This type of berber carpeting is also more resistant to wear and tear. So if you’re expecting quite a bit of foot traffic in the area you’re putting the carpet in then you might want to consider using that particular type of berber cut.

Plush Carpet – This type of carpet is among the most commonly sold mostly due to the fact that it comes in a wide variety of colors which would easily match any home dĂ©cor or theme that you might have. The carpet’s surface would be quite flat and even which also allows for easier stain removal and also makes it more durable. There is one minor drawback to this, however, and that would be the fact that foot and vacuum tracks can be easily seen on it. For example, after you vacuum it, the carpet would reveal the marks and footprints that you made. There are variations that would have multicolored tufts which should effectively resist any marks and tracks. Also, plush carpets look wonderful with wood flooring. Quite minimal but still eyecatching.

Lastly, make sure that you can handle the maintenance that would be involved once you do make the purchase. Quite a few people have mistakenly bought carpets for themselves without really thinking about the kind of cleaning that it requires. After all, bacteria can get into the carpet itself and as such, you would want to ensure cleanliness at all times. This way, you can prevent bacteria and lengthen the use of your chosen carpet type. Also, keep in mind that there are stain resistant carpets available out there. Those could also be a good option to look into.