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Handscraped Laminate Flooring – How to Remove Scratches

Sure, wood laminate flooring is known to be pretty durable and they can provide households with years of trouble-free use. Add to that the inherent strength of the wood itself and you’ve got a surface that’s pretty sturdy wherein defects and damages are difficult to spot. This is especially the case when it comes to handscraped wooden flooring. However, there are still instances wherein they might get scratched. Most people would often opt to just replace them but did you know that there are also other things that you can do? Relatively cheaper solutions which are also easy to accomplish as long as you follow a few steps. You will only need one of the commercial repair kits readily available both online and locally if you look.

What you will need:

Repair kit which would usually include putty, stain and floor finish.

150 grit steel wool


Getting started:

  1. Wipe that scratched surface using a rag which has been lightly moistened with some water. Doing so would allow you a cleaner working surface as well as make sure that any refinishing you do penetrates right through the wood thus making it bond properly.
  2. Using your painter’s tape, create a border around the area that has the scratch. This should help isolate it from the undamaged areas which also helps in avoiding the spread of the damage while you are repairing the flooring.
  3. If it’s only a single scratch then use the putty (which is supposed to match the color of your handscraped hardwood flooring) or the stain provided in the repair kit to color it in. Make sure that you clean off any excess material. However, if there are multiple scratches or scuff marks from shoes then you would need to sand the entire scratched area with the steel wool before you apply either the stain or the putty.
  4. Allow the stain and putty a few minutes to dry properly. Once that’s done, make use of an artist brush to apply the finish which should come with the kit as well. Coat the entire board if you sanded it down entirely. The finish would need to dry overnight, keep that in mind as well.

So there you have it, one of the simplest ways of refinishing a scratch that was made on your flooring. Remember to follow the repair kit’s instructions and you won’t have any problem at all.

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