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Types Of Hardwood Floors: Solid And Engineered Hardwood Flooring

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Wooden flooring has been around for years. In fact, wood was the first ever type of flooring used in homes in the earlier times before concrete, ceramic, marbles and synthetic materials were developed. Wood flooring are still very much in demand today but there are already many types of wooden floors being sold in the market today, specially cut in standard-sized planks for easy ordering, packaging and shipping. So how does one determine which hardwood floor I ideal for their home?

There are several things to consider before choosing which type of hardwood flooring to use for the home. One thing to consider is where it is going to be placed or what will it cover? Most can be installed above or on grade. Other things to consider is wear and tear, maintenance, the sound it will make when walked on, the moisture in the immediate environment and the overall climate of the area. All these factors can affect the performance and durability of the floor. However, it is very much safe to say that wooden floors can be very durable and fairly easy to reconstruct if ever it is damaged. It may be a little bit more expensive than the synthetic ones but it is an ideal choice for long-term use.

Types of wooden floors in Decor & Floor The Colony TX

There are basically two types of wood flooring being sold in the market today. This does not include the laminated ones which is are not made from real wood but just printed patterns with a glossy finish made to look like real wood. The two types of real wood flooring are the ‘solid’ and ‘engineered’ hardwood flooring.

Engineered hardwood flooring is made from real wood that is made up of layers of different wood veneers. It usually has a plywood backing. The layers will vary from three to nine different types of sub-layers of different types of wood veneers. These layers allow the wood flooring to expand and contract much less depending on the change of weather, temperature and humidity. The top layer of course, will be made from very high quality hard wood making each plank very stable. For maintenance, engineered hardwood flooring can be sanded and polished many times just like solid wood flooring.

The solid wood flooring is made from a solid piece of wood all throughout without any layers. These types of flooring are very durable and can be sanded, waxed, painted and refinished many times over without losing its quality.

What Makes A Good Carpet?

Frieze Carpeting Is Ideal For Pet Lovers

Choosing frieze carpeting over other kinds of flooring does not need to be troublesome. All you need to do is to understand several things about this type of carpet and ensure that they are similar to what you really want. Purchasing a carpet for your home could be a daunting task, the varied options, colors, and manufacturers could exhaust your energy and patience to the point of giving up and resorting to carpet tiles. However, it is really simple contrary to what it may seem.

The first thing you need to do in choosing a carpet for your home is to choose a style. Do you prefer thick plush carpeting or a textured style? Basically, there are five varied styles to choose from – Berber carpeting, frieze, elegant plush, cable, and cut pile.

The fabric of the textured cut pile will have varying lengths. It creates a stain resistant carpet that can easily hide stains, dirt and other blemishes.

floor store the colony txWith shorter fibers, a formal plush carpet may show every vacuum mark and footprint. However, it is also very comfortable and soft to touch. Most homeowners prefer this kind of carpet for private quarters and living rooms.

With combined comfort of the formal plush and the ability to conceal stains of the cut pile carpets, cable carpet is also a good choice. The fiber of this type of flooring is much thicker compared to other types resulting to more softness and higher resistance against stains.

Meanwhile, Berber carpets are created using tight loops. This is so far the most durable and long lasting of the varied styles. This is often used on stairways and other areas with high foot traffic.

However, when it comes to durability, flexibility and design, Frieze is the king. This is made by crimping and twisting the fibers in random texture and design. It resembles the shag carpet of the ‘70s, and it is now gaining popularity among homeowners and interior designers who want to achieve a contemporary or a retro-fresh appeal.

Those who are living with their pets must understand several basic things that individuals without pets may never consider. Among these things could be installing an adhesive lint right beside the front door and another is choosing carpets that are friendly for pets. Choosing a carpet color to the color of your pet may seem quirky but it is a great way to hide shredded furs. For this, frieze carpet is a good choice.



If you’re looking for a new carpet, it would be a smart move to get familiar with the different kinds of carpeting first. There’s Frieze carpeting, Berber carpeting and Plush carpeting to start you off. Let’s just put it this way, carpets aren’t exactly cheap and as such, you would want to make the right choice so you don’t end up wasting any money of replacements. Luckily, carpets come in a wide variety of designs, options, material and so on. They would easily fit any person’s taste and style preference. Should you find yourself at a loss on which one to choose or if you simply can’t find one that catches your fancy then you can even get one customized to your liking. Of course, this would cost a bit more than the usual but the results would be worth it.

floor the colony txBerber Carpeting: A Buyer’s Guide for the Colony TX Decor & Floor


Carpets have existed for a very long time now. Depending on how these are constructed, it can be a very reliable utilitarian tool in the house. And when done the right way, it can go beyond that and become an art form of sorts. That exactly is what Berber carpeting has become. Constructed with superb craftsmanship, it’s both an attractive and rock-solid alternative to carpets. In fact, it can give both plush carpeting and Frieze carpeting, among others, a run for their money. This article highlights some of the reasons why you should go for a Berber carpet.


First of all, what makes a Berber carpet? As the name would suggest, it is a carpet-making styled mastered by the Berbers centuries ago. Built to be both tough and supple at the same time, these carpets are made with a quality that’s very distinctive. They are very attractive and soft to the touch, but are strong enough to last the rigors of everyday use. In fact, with proper maintenance, it’s easy to pencil these carpets to last for years without any sign of fade or wear.


Types of Berber carpeting are usually divided into 2 types: traditional and modern. Traditional Berber carpets are created using traditional techniques, and are often more expensive than their modern counterparts. This is mainly because of the details involved in making them. These carpets are usually handmade and constructed using natural materials such as wool. Because of this, traditional carpets are softer, more colorful, and possess higher amounts of detail and craftsmanship.


Meanwhile, there are also Berber carpets that are made using modern techniques. And these carpets have some unique characteristics to boast as well. Though its manner of construction is similar to traditional ones, there are slight differences. First, these carpets are usually made from olefin, nylon, and other synthetic fibers. Second, these are usually machine-built. There are some compelling traits this type of carpet possesses. For one, they are reputed to be more resistant to wear and tear. Another is the fact that they are resistant to staining. And you can acquire these carpets at a much lower price.


Either type of Berber carpeting can be a perfect fit for your home or office. Capable of blending into just about any type of flooring or surface, these carpets can serve you very well if you choose them the right way. Choose the carpet that best suit your tastes and needs, and these quality carpets shall never disappoint you.

So, shall we look at Plush carpeting a bit closer?


Cut Pile – This is considered to be one of the most popular types of carpets. Through cutting looped carpet fibers to create an even look, standing yarn bundles are produced. These would then be tufted to some extent in order to create a more luxurious and thicker look. These types of carpets can provide with ample cushioning for the feet but are also more prone to crushing when compared to other types.


Level Loop Pile – This type of carpet would be ideal for areas in your home that experiences a lot of foot traffic. This would include wood flooring in your hallways as well as doorways. This carpet would be comprised of fiber loops with similar lengths that is then woven into the carpet backing. Due to the fact that it has even and strong loops, it is also one of the most durable carpet varieties around. If you’re not too keen on seeing vacuum tracks and footprints then this would be a good option for you in the Colony TX Decor & Floor


Saxony – If you are looking for a carpet that would look luxurious and supple as well as blend in well with your current interior then Saxony would be a good option for you to look into. This type of carpet is made out of tufts of heavy yarn which is then tightly twisted before being softened and straightened through the use of heat. It would easily lend an air of elegance to any space you place it in.


So there you have it, some carpet options for you to consider if you’re planning on getting a new one for your home flooring. Remember to get a stain resistant carpet for areas that get a lot of foot traffic as well.

Why Choose Handscraped Hardwood Floors?


Homeowners who choose handscraped hardwood floors are almost always looking for that natural and quaint look in their homes. This is one of the most common reasons as to why people choose this type of wood flooring for their indoor spaces. This type of flooring can be good for any area in your home whether it be your living room, hallways, dining area, bedrooms and even the living room where most of the foot traffic is. Another great thing about it would be the fact that you have a number of different styles to choose from. Hardwoods such as oak, maple, mahogany and cherry can all be handscraped. Needless to say, you need not worry about not finding one that would suit your preferences and taste. If this is your first time giving it a try then you ought to familiarize yourself with a few more things about this type of flooring. Below, you’ll find a quick overview which should help you understand it better. Shall we get started?


Handscraped, what is it? They are made from your typical wood plank but more textured than the average wood floor. These planks have been brushed using a mechanical tool or even a steel brush which gives it that signature worn out appearance. Do note that there are also certain type of wood floors, such as bamboo, which cannot be handscraped. Besides the natural and rustic appearance that it can lend to a space, what else makes this style popular among homeowners and designers alike?


Well, there’s also the fact that it can easily hide any defects and damages that might happen to it in time. Scuff marks and dents being the most common. Because of the floor’s existing grooves and waves, it is able to easily hide and flaws and imperfections. It basically blends in with the other textures that cover the surface of the floor so you needn’t do any refinishing unless absolutely needed.


As for maintenance, it doesn’t really take a lot. There are also repair kits available both online and in local hardware which would contain the tools that you’re going to need when it comes to fixing any scratches or minor damages to the wood itself. These would come with easy to follow instructions so you need not worry about making a mistake and creating more damage.


So there you have it, a quick overview of what makes handscraped wood flooring one of the most popular choices for households.

Many homeowners would really like to have hardwood flooring in their homes but sadly this kind of material is very expensive and not that many people have enough money in their budget for them. Fortunately, there is a way that people can get the same look and feel of real wood flooring without spending thousands of dollars, and that is possible if they use wood laminate flooring. This kind of flooring looks just like real hardwood but at just a fraction of the price.

What is Laminate Flooring?

Wood laminate flooring is not that new, in fact it has been available way back in the 1970s, but it is only experiencing increased popularity today because the manufacturing technology has improved. It is not possible to create laminate flooring that perfectly mimics real wood, right down to the beautiful grain running down the planks, some even have random knots in them.

The difference between real wood from laminate floors is that it does not really contain that much wood at all. Laminate floors are mostly made from resin, and there is a digitally printed picture of wood laminated on the top, but there are some of the more expensive brands that actually use wood veneer.

What Makes Them Great?

Besides being cheap, laminate floors are actually quite durable. They are very resistant to scratches and cracking, in fact they would not split at all, unlike real wooden floors; but you should still place a couple of area rugs or floor runners in the areas of your home that gets a lot of foot traffic because laminate floors do tend to fade.

Another reason why laminated floors are gaining popularity is due to the fact that it is so easy to install. Each plank comes with o tongue and groove interlocking system so you just need to slide them onto each other; you do not even need to nail them down.

In Closing…

Thanks to more affordable hardwood alternatives like laminates and engineered hardwood flooring, people can now give their homes a touch of elegance without having to spend that much money. Wood laminate flooring comes in almost all types of wood that you can think of so you can get the exact look and feel that you wanted for your home. So, if you are planning on giving your home a bit of a change, then you should start with the floors so you can see how much of an improvement it can give.

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