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The Dallas Flooring Warehouse Commercial Floors Division serves the North Texas DFW area with commercial flooring and carpet for commercial construction and renovation projects. From luxury high rises, office complexes, apartment complexes, condos, health care, airports, restaurants, retail shopping centers, corporate business centers, grocery stores, department stores, discount stores, drugstores, sports centers to church flooring and carpet for houses of worship we meed the flooring demands for commercial spaces with quality materials that offer a wide array of durable, high traffic floor design options giving our clients creative freedom along with superior installation services.

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commercial flooring dallas tx

Wood Laminate Floor covering– A Budget-Friendly Alternative To Wood Floors
Hardwood floorings are rather beautiful, but sadly not all house owners can afford to use them in their homes, however that does not mean that you can not get the same type of impact in your home; if you do not have much of a spending plan for real hardwood floor covering, then you should attempt wood laminate floor covering rather. This kind of flooring product has the very same look of real hardwood, but you do not have to invest 10s of thousands of dollars on them. In this short article, you will learn nearly everything you need to understand about this kind of floor covering and why you need to provide a shot.
What Is Laminate Floor commercial flooring dallas tx?
Laminates are composed of different materials that are bonded, or laminated together to form a more powerful composite product. There are some wood laminates are used a cheaper species of wood with a wood veneer glued on the surface area, however most of the laminates that you can discover today are in fact made from a melamine-based resin with a photographic applique on the surface. Thanks to today’s contemporary printing techniques, laminate floor covering can closely imitate the look of genuine wood; no one can really inform that they are not genuine wood unless they are told.
Factors For Utilizing Laminates
Besides the low-cost price, there are other reasons that wood laminate flooring is so popular with many families. Reduce of installation is one of the very best benefits of laminate floors. Nearly all wooden laminate floors are “drifting” or are just resting on top of a foam underlay that is straight on top of the concrete sub-base with no type of adhesive. To make it much easier to install, the laminate slabs feature a tongue and groove interlocking system to make sure that they constantly remain attached to each other.
Setting up laminates is so easy that you can in fact do it yourself in the course of a weekend; you only need a few fundamental tools like a rubber mallet and a saw to trim the edges.
Even though wood laminate flooring is not technically real wood, people can not really tell the difference once they are currently set up on your floors. The only problem with laminates is that they tend to fade, especially in high-traffic areas. But if some slabs on your floor do get harmed, you can quickly change the damaged part without too much of a fuss and without investing excessive money.
The Numerous Benefits Of Wood Floor covering commercial flooring dallas tx
If you want to provide your house a little class, then you ought to set up wood floor covering. Wood floors are not simply stunning to look at, they also have purpose. There are several benefits that you can receive from wooden floors that you can not get anywhere else, and a few of them will get covered in this post.
Easy to Clean
One of the best reasons for having hardwood floors is that they are so simple to keep clean. Unlike carpets which you have to vacuum daily since dust and other small particles do have the tendency to stick onto the fiber, hardwood floor covering only needs that you do a quick sweep over the surface to get rid of the majority of dirt and dust.
And, if you have wood floors, you do not need to worry about unexpected spills leaving a stain. If someone spills any sort of beverage on the flooring, you simply have to clean it up utilizing a wet rag and you are done; if the exact same thing occurs on carpet, then you can be sure that you will be taking a look at a substantial expense from the cleaners.
Upkeep is A Breeze
To keep your wood floors commercial flooring dallas tx looking great for several years to come, you just have to apply flooring wax or polish monthly or so. The floor wax provides your floorings a layer of defense against spills, shallow scratches, and it also avoids dust and dirt from choosing the flooring. You do not even need to mop the floor prior to you apply the floor polish, an excellent sweep will do fine; and after a great buffing, your floors will look similar to new.
Repairs are Easy
There will always be long times when your excellent hardwood floorings will get a bit of damage, like deep gouges or holes, when they do you would be glad to know that fixings are simple. For example, if there are some scratches on the floor, all you need to do is lightly sand the location using some fine-grit sandpaper until the scratches are gone and after that apply a great layer of paste wax on the surface area and then buff it utilizing a soft fabric.
These are simply a few of the advantages that wood floor covering have over the other products. There are plenty more of them, a lot that they can not fit into this post. If you want to find out more about the beauty of having wood floors, then you should ask around your local hardware store.

Vinyl Wood Slab Flooring– A Cheaper Alternative To Wood Floors
Not all homeowners have a spending plan that will permit them to utilize real hardwood on their floorings, but that does not suggest there is no other way that they can get the very same kind of take a look at a budget friendly cost; this is where vinyl wood slab flooring can be of excellent assistance. As the name recommends, this kind of floor covering product is not truly made of wood, however from vinyl; so this means vinyl slabs are exponentially more affordable than genuine wood, but they still look like the genuine thing.
To encourage you even further into using this kind of flooring product, here are a few of the benefits that vinyl plank flooring has more than the other available floors types:
Easy to Install
Unlike real wood floors that are so difficult to install that you have to get a contractor to do it for you, vinyl slab flooring installation can in fact be dealt with as a weekend project. You can discover a lot of simple to follow how-to videos online so that you know where to begin with the setup and how to do it properly.
Water resistant
Hardwood might be beautiful, but they can not be installed in locations where the floorings are constantly getting wet, like the kitchen area and the bathroom; this is not a problem with vinyl wood slab flooring. Considering that vinyl is water resistant, they can be installed where other kinds of flooring are not really appropriate. And, if a mishap happens and someone spills their drink on the floor, it will just roll off the surface area and will not even leave a stain behind.

commercial flooring dallas tx
They Look Like The Genuine Thing
Thanks to modern printing technology, the applique that is on wood vinyl flooring planks looks just like authentic wood. They are so convincing that many people who see them could not even inform that they are not truly made from wood; it will be your very own little trick that your floors are not really made from wood.
They Are More affordable Than Real Wood
There are few flooring types that have the same mix of appeal and price that vinyl wood planks do, which is why they are quite popular amongst individuals. If you are looking for a good product for when you remodel your floorings, however your budget plan can not accommodate costly materials, then try using vinyl wood slab flooring. Not just is this kind of flooring material low-cost, because you can install them on your own, you also save on labor costs.
The Benefits That Just Hardwood Floors Can Supply
Hardwood floorings are most likely the most lovely floor covering type that you can install in your home. There is something about the organic patterns in the wood’s grain that actually makes any room instantly feel cozy. If you are constructing a brand-new home for your family, or you are renovating your existing floor covering, then it is extremely advised that you attempt using wood rather of other products. If you are not completely encouraged about utilizing wood as a flooring product, then perhaps the following reasons will assist make up your mind.
You Have A Great deal of Options
There are numerous types of wood that are best for flooring that you will really have a hard time selecting simply one. They are available in several shades from the reddish oak or birch, the rather dark mahogany, or if you desire you can utilize light colors that come from ash or maple wood. There are even some exotic ranges that have extremely striking grain patterns, like tigerwood and Brazilian walnut. It does not matter exactly what sort of décor you have in your house, you can be sure to discover the ideal wood floorings to match them.
They Are Low-maintenance
Other floor covering types require plenty of routine care to make them look beautiful, take carpets for instance. When you spill any sort of beverage onto carpet, 10 times out of 10 you can be sure that there will be a stain that is left behind, particularly if the carpet is light-colored. Hardwood floor covering on the other hand does not really require too much maintenance to keep its charm; all you have to do is provide it a light sweeping everyday to prevent dust from settling, and apply floor wax each month to keep the flooring smooth and shiny.
They Are Hypo-allergenic
If set up correctly, there are no spaces in between the wooden floorboards for any dust or animal hairs to squeeze into, so you can get rid of any allergic reaction causing elements merely by vacuuming over the surface area of the flooring. If you have animals, you will find that getting rid of their fur is simpler on hardwood floors rather than if you have carpets.
These are simply some of the benefits of using hardwood as a flooring product, there are more but regretfully this short article is not long enough to accommodate them all. Bear in mind that although wood might be a bit more expensive, the benefits that it gives more than makes up for the price.