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Best Type Of Engineered Hardwood Floors

The engineered wood floors were invented in the 1960s. Since then, the engineered hardwood flooring went through evolution and improvement in appearance and performance. There are about 30% of all the wood flooring sold in America today. There are various available wood species with new surface effects, like hand- scraped and timeworn patina. These high-end boards are perfect in any vintage house, whether it’s a 1910 foursquare or a ’70s raised ranch.

Engineered hardwood floors boards are problem-solvers, as you can use them in your basements. It can save some in your pockets.  It is a stable stack of wood veneers that are glued together.

Engineered Oak Wood Flooring

The solid oak is still the top and most popular flooring choice amongst countless homeowners. As time passes, the oak wood floors have modern improvements and are becoming highly desirable because of its aesthetic benefits.

  • Enhance the durability of wood floorboards.
  • Composes of multiple layers of compressed- timber,
  • It is stable and resistant to warping and shrinkages.
  • Can be sanded and refinished again and again, just like 100% real wood flooring.

The Benefits

When choosing engineered- oak wood flooring, you will be using a modified product that will remain timeless in both looks and feel. Alongside, the piece is highly durable, allowing for the oak flooring to retain its size and shape, even if you expose them to extreme conditions.

The engineered-oak wood is perfect for moisture-prone areas, areas with underfloor heating, or areas of high domestic foot traffic. For DIY beginners, it is easy to install and can fit with a ‘tongue and groove’ or ‘click’ installation system.  Remember hardwood floors must be acclimated.

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