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Berber Carpeting: The Virtues of Using Them

The Berbers, a tribe found in Northern Africa, has made a major contribution to textile and upholstery products. Their unique style of cloth spinning, aptly called the Berber style, is being used universally as a way to create different types of materials. But this type of cloth spinning is best known for its use in carpet making. What are the virtues of Berber carpeting that make them a great choice for those searching for carpets?

Of course, before talking about the virtues of these carpets, it’s interesting to note first the different properties this type of knitting has. Traditionally, natural fibers such as wool are being used to construct these carpets. With the emergence of modern technology, different types of fibers, including synthetic ones such as nylon and olefin, are now being used to construct these carpets. But even with the emergence of modern techniques, how these carpets are made is still fundamentally similar. Its construction uses a loop pile style, a type of construction technique that gives most of the strong points of this carpet.

With the means on how Berber carpeting is constructed already mentioned, this article can now proceed in mentioning the different virtues associated with using these carpets.

  1. Toughness- Ever since this type of weaving was introduced centuries ago, Berber-style crafts are well-known for its toughness. These carpets are naturally resistant to dust and stains because of the way they are weaved. What’s more, the durability of these carpets is highly regarded. These carpets are always used in high-usage areas because of their ability to maintain shape even during daily rigorous use.
  2. Style- The style possessed by Berber carpets can rival the best plush carpeting products. They are available in all kinds of colors, giving people more options to find the carpet that best fits their flooring. What’s more, you can see these carpets available in different patterns, specifically those that are made the traditional way. Its sheer quality also attracts a lot of consumers and enthusiasts. The feel of these carpets are not only incredible, but also has quality that holds up pretty well.
  3. Ease of acquisition- Manly due to their popularity, it’s relatively easy to get one of these carpets at different carpet stores. Even better, you can get these products at prices lower than most. But even with a lower price, rest assured that Berber carpeting has quality that’s up there with the best of them.
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