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Berber Carpeting: How They Stack Up

Berber Carpeting: How They Stack Up

Carpeting has existed for the longest time. Possessing both aesthetic and functional benefits, they are being used for both home and industrial purposes. All kinds of carpeting fit for different kinds of flooring have been created, and yet only a few made a lasting impression quite like Berber carpeting. What makes this type of carpeting stand out, and how does it stack up against the rest of its competition?

As the name would suggest, this type of carpeting traces its roots with the Berbers. For those who know their history, the Berber is an ancient tribe found in North Africa. They are known for quite a number of things, but they are very well-known for their unique type of cloth. Their unique weaving style is being used to produce various products ranging from clothing to carpets. In fact, people with Berber roots are still making products out of this fabric. These fabrics are woven using all-natural materials and are usually handmade with superb precision. As most travel guides would say, if you’ll visit a Berber country such as Morocco, looking for traditional Berber crafts is a must.

Given the popularity of this type of fabric, it won’t be long before people from other countries would try and adopt it. And with that said, modern Berber carpetinghas risen to prominence. Unlike those made the traditional way, various types of materials are used in producing them, including non-natural ones. In fact, for these modern carpets, popular fabrics used for producing them include the likes of nylon and olefin. Even though it doesn’t have the attention to detail present in traditional carpets such as plush or Frieze carpeting, these carpets are inexpensive and built to last.

These types of carpeting can be used on any types of flooring, ranging from hardwood flooring to vinyl plank flooring. Because of its simplicity, it’s easy to envision these carpets to easily blend with their surroundings. Another thing that makes them such a great option is the fact that these carpets are naturally stain resistant. What’s more, these fabrics are known for their superb durability. There’s only one downside in using these carpets though. Cleaning them can be quite a tough task especially during the rare instance that they get stained.

Because of their delicate and plush nature, traditional Berber carpeting is best used for home applications. And because of their durability and cost-effectiveness, their modern counterparts are best used for industrial application or areas subjected to high amounts of people traffic such as hallways and entry/exit points.

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