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Berber Carpeting: A Buyer’s Guide

Carpets have existed for a very long time now. Depending on how these are constructed, it can be a very reliable utilitarian tool in the house. And when done the right way, it can go beyond that and become an art form of sorts. That exactly is what Berber carpeting has become. Constructed with superb craftsmanship, it’s both an attractive and rock-solid alternative to carpets. In fact, it can give both plush carpetingand Frieze carpeting, among others, a run for their money. This article highlights some of the reasons why you should go for a Berber carpet.

First of all, what makes a Berber carpet? As the name would suggest, it is a carpet-making styled mastered by the Berbers centuries ago. Built to be both tough and supple at the same time, these carpets are made with a quality that’s very distinctive. They are very attractive and soft to the touch, but are strong enough to last the rigors of everyday use. In fact, with proper maintenance, it’s easy to pencil these carpets to last for years without any sign of fade or wear.

Types of Berber carpeting are usually divided into 2 types: traditional and modern. Traditional Berber carpets are created using traditional techniques, and are often more expensive than their modern counterparts. This is mainly because of the details involved in making them. These carpets are usually handmade and constructed using natural materials such as wool. Because of this, traditional carpets are softer, more colorful, and possess higher amounts of detail and craftsmanship.

Meanwhile, there are also Berber carpets that are made using modern techniques. And these carpets have some unique characteristics to boast as well. Though its manner of construction is similar to traditional ones, there are slight differences. First, these carpets are usually made from olefin, nylon, and other synthetic fibers. Second, these are usually machine-built. There are some compelling traits this type of carpet possesses. For one, they are reputed to be more resistant to wear and tear. Another is the fact that they are resistant to staining. And you can acquire these carpets at a much lower price.

Either type of Berber carpetingcan be a perfect fit for your home or office. Capable of blending into just about any type of flooringor surface, these carpets can serve you very well if you choose them the right way. Choose the carpet that best suit your tastes and needs, and these quality carpets shall never disappoint you.

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