Do you know that setting up a relaxing Yoga studio shall consider scheme, décor, and furnishings? You may hire a professional or do it yourself when setting up your Yoga Studio. You can have limitless ideas when creating your beautiful and functional Yoga studio.


The flooring is the most crucial element in Yoga. The Coretec Dallas has a variety of different flooring types and designs perfect for your Yoga Studio:

wood look tile shaw traditions porcelain

  • The excellent for flooring are Hardwood, cork and bamboo flooring
  • Acceptable Flooring are exercise mat flooring

The following are to be avoided:

  • Carpet because it quickly gets filthy and stinky.
  • Tiles are cold and hard
  • Laminates flooring because they are stiff and hard.
  • Vinyl flooring is cold and hard.
  • Concrete is cold and hard.

Colors and Emotions

No doubt, colors can set the tone of a Yoga Studio. Consider carefully the color schemes that should match your theme.

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